Alix Marmulstein

Alix has been with us for over a year now, sharing her offerings of Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Bodywork through Blissful Being Wellness, LLC. As a practitioner in the building and instructor of two of our weekly classes, she brings a grounded and nurturing energy of empowerment through education to our community.
The style of Hatha Yoga which Alix teaches is in the slow flow tradition where mindfulness and breath are woven into each movement to facilitate greater stability and flexibility through the practice. Much like her massages, she invites students and clients alike to feel deeply into their bodies and attune to their own inner wisdom and body intelligence.
Alix practices various modalities through her therapeutic massage offerings. She has been doing bodywork for over a decade and specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, John F. Barnes MFR, Swedish, Thai Yogic Bodywork, and more!
She sees clients by appointment only in her private practice.
For scheduling and more information, please visit her website: