Ashton Tafoya

Ashton first discovered yoga 13 years ago after a long childhood of
athletics and dance. She immediately fell in love with the practice and
felt she had truly found her calling in life. While studying Fine Art in
College Ashton spent as much time as possible on her mat. “Yoga has
saved my life.” Asana helped Ashton to stay grounded and stress free
during those tough years at the university, so much that after she
graduated she attended a 200 hour teacher training in Costa Rica. Since
then Ashton has taught in Northern California, Nevada and on her
travels to South And Central America. She has attended a yin yoga
training and studied Thai Chi. In November 2018, Ashton traveled to
Northern India to attend a 300 hour training at Sattva Yoga Academy.
There she received in depth education on advanced asana, Himalayan
meditation, mantra and Kundalini. Ashton designs her classes based on
the energy of those attending and holds space for all levels and ages.
“Yoga should be fun and transformative with all stages of life.” Not only
has yoga aided in relieving stress for Ashton but it also opened the door
to spirituality. She has learned that yoga is not only a physical practice
but also a journey within.