Denise Bales

Denise has been practicing the Eight Limbs of Yoga since the mid-seventies.
Studying with Global Family Yoga, White Crow Yoga, Dr. Mark Halpern; founder of the California College of Ayurveda, Cheri Clampett , Arturo Peal and others. She holds certificates in Aqua Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga Levels I & II, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga in Chairs, Yoga Nidra, Children’s Yoga, AromaDome®, Raindrop & Vita Flex Techniques, Emotional Release and essential oil education through the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), and has specialized training working with the iliopsoas.

Many of us are out of touch with what we are feeling because often there is not time or space in our lives to explore the deeper aspects of ourselves.

It is common to see a direct connection between “unexplained” exhaustion and emotional suppression. When we release ourselves into feeling our emotions, tremendous energy is freed within us, which the body can then channel into healing on a deep cellular level.

Denise provides space where everyone can open to his or her full potential. She offers yoga practices to help release stress from the body and mind, and brings awareness to the mind/body connection, in order to support deepest healing. Working with essential oil modalities she invites her clients to learn to listen to and respect their bodies, coaching them to learn how to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Denise received AromaDome® training with Julie Chertow, its creator.