Maylani Maathai

Maylani began her yoga practice nearly 10 years ago simply to ease pain, build strength and improve flexibility. Throughout her years of practice however, she discovered an entire world of possibility beyond anything she had ever hoped for.

Maylani views yoga as an instrument of reconnection, empowerment and radical change. She finds that the more she works to create small changes on the mat, the greater ease she finds in making big changes in her daily life.

Maylani believes that each time we step onto the mat we have the opportunity to develop skills and awareness that improve our quality of life. We begin to understand the language of the body and create a healthy relationship with it. We discover patterns and habits that cause pain and dis-ease, and reshape them to promote health and balance. We can explore our own unique story and build a practice that nourishes our daily life. Whether that be by building strength, unwinding, or sinking into the deeper layers of self. Through thoughtful exploration we can discover the world within that creates the lens through which we view every aspect of life outside of us. By making micro adjustments to that lens we may find we are able to view the world from a totally new perspective.

Maylani’s classes offer an understanding of anatomy, posture, alignment and integration of yoga philosophy into daily life. Classes focus on awareness of the body, breath, movement and meditation. Classes utilize energizing flow sequences as well as static poses to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Maylani teaches 2 donation based classes in Southern Oregon and offers Private and Semi-private classes at Sundance Yoga.

You can learn more about Maylani and what she offers at

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