Prenatal & Post-Birth Massage with Val Schlaht

Val Schlaht LMT, CEIM, trained midwife

Since I was a young girl I have been fascinated by the physical, emotional, and anatomical transformation that occurs through reproduction, pregnancy and birth. As a trained midwife, that passion has lead me to become skilled in supporting women during the prenatal time, both emotionally and clinically; lovingly holding a birthing woman’s sacred space while assessing her and her baby’s well-being, and delicately guiding her through the vulnerable and often ignored postpartum time. I hold a strong devotion for supporting the first three months following birth, also known as the fourth trimester, as a vital healing and bonding time for the growing family.

I began my educational journey in 2011 when I was accepted into the homebirth midwifery program at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon. I completed the rigorous academic course load while attending births as a student midwife. After five years of hard work and dedication, I made the very difficult decision to step away from midwifery. The on-call lifestyle of a homebirth midwife was one that I desperately wanted to embrace but unfortunately, my love for the outdoors, travel, and spontaneity took over. I knew my journey toward supporting growing families was not over, it was simply taking a detour. Through deep processing I came to the understanding that I could support women and families profoundly utilizing the healing power of therapeutic touch. I began an intensive ten month massage program at Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM) and fell deeply in love with the work. I completed my 650 hour massage training in June 2017.

As my massage career grows I hope to specialize in Maya Abdominal Massage, Diastasis Recti, Neonatal Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal and Postpartum Thai massage, and Pelvic Floor work. Along with the aforementioned specialties, I look forward to creating a specialized practice that focuses on supporting the 4th trimester – first 3 months following birth.

My other great passion is spending time outdoors, especially on the great Rogue River. I find peace and expanding knowledge and life lessons each time I get on the river. I’ve learned how to move through life in a more present way both in calm, exciting, and scary waters. Rafting rivers has helped me find grounding when supporting families through the delicate transition that pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the first year of infancy requires.

Prenatal & Post-Birth Packages

Prenatal: three, 60 or 90 minute massages
Massage focuses on specific areas of the body that may be experiencing increased tension due to advancing pregnancy.

Post-Birth: three, 60 or 90 minute massages – including home visits
The miraculous event of birth can be very demanding on the mind and body. I love to provide home visits during this time, preferably 1-2 days following birth to help relieve muscular tension and stress that birth, and those early days may have caused. I also provide 2 additional visits with the option of those being home visits. During our visits, feel free to have your baby with you. I can also show you massage techniques you can use on your baby during these visits.

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Regular Rates:
60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $120
120 minutes – $150


3 @ 60 min – $240
3 @ 90 min – $345
Post – Birth:
3 @ 60 min – $245
3 @ 90 min – $350