Sarah Walendy

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In addition to teaching Yoga and Pilates classes, Sarah offers private sessions in Pilates,Yoga, dance, small group training and massage therapy. For more information, please see Private Sessions »

Sarah’s Philosophy

“I believe through accepting ourselves, becoming present and simply showing up for ourselves we can achieve great success.”

Sarah developed Sundance Healing Arts hoping to offer many paths for participants to improve mind, body, and spirit. Feeling discouraged by the disconnect often seen in traditional gym settings where the focus of fitness and dance is aesthetics, Sarah felt the old concept of pushing through pain to get results seemed dysfunctional.

Movement has been a great source of light for Sarah throughout her life. Whether increasing strength, rehabilitating an injury, expressing emotion, losing weight or just moving to feel good, movement study became a passion, a tool and, sometimes, an art form.

From studying ballet at an early age into adulthood, Sarah learned to feel movement and developed an understanding of the musculoskeletal system. Moving into fitness was an easy transition and Pilates connected all the dots of postural wellness and optimal kinesthetic function. But after teaching Pilates in a gym environment for an extended period of time, Sarah began to realize there is more to fitness than well-toned muscles. She shifted her focus to mind and body.

Becoming a massage therapist gave Sarah the knowledge and skills to approach wellness from not only the movement angle but the tissue angle also. She saw how massage augments wellness and aids in the healing necessary to help her clients overcome limitations.

When Sarah discovered yoga 17 years ago, she was blown away by the immediate renewal and mental clarity from asana practice. This, in turn, developed a deeper interest to learn about different styles and lineages or Yoga. Sarah has taught yoga and practiced with many different teachers completing her yoga teacher training in 2009 at White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracy Rich.

“We come into so much chaos and static on a daily bases that we need to have a practice to relieve that unproductive energy. When I step onto my mat I commit to letting go of unproductive energy and get to return to myself. This in turn flows into every aspect of life.”