Series & Workshops

Love your Lymph

With Clair Highfield

Event: Saturday November 23th 11-2pm

The lymphatic system is essentially our immune system; a stream that flows when we move or receive touch and brings our own healing powers to the places where we need it. In Sanskrit and Ayurveda, it is called Rasa meaning the river of life. Cultivating an awareness and conscious relationship to Lymphatic system is an excellent path towards improving or maintaining our health.

In this workshop we will combine guided meditation, breath work, postures, plant allies and utilize a Japanese tool called a Gua-Sha to create an experience where we can deeply connect with our river of life and begin to expand our
self-care tool kit. This workshop is inspired by the work of DeAnna Batdrof founder or the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, California and will be facilitated by Clair Highfield here at Sundance.

The Energy Exchange for this event is an early bird special of $30, until Nov.1st, and after that $40.

Clair will be donating 20% of the proceeds to the Rouge River Keepers in support of her mission and connection to keeping all the bodies of water clean and pure for our generation and the generations to come.

To purchase a space for this event, please log into Mind Body or create a Mind Body log in. You can also pay at the door on the day of the event.

We look forward to seeing you.

You can Pre- Register Here

Frame Drum Making Workshop

With Kasey Schweickert of Illuminating Alchemy

Event: Sunday November 24th 10-6pm

The Drum is a sacred instrument that invokes the heart and speaks a universal language. Its rhythmic heartbeat is at the center of ceremonies held by peoples all over the world. The shamanic drum is used to communicate with the Spirit and to connect our hearts with the heartbeat of mother Earth. It is a powerful medicine that heals the body, heart, mind and spirit.

In this workshop we will come together in a sacred space to create our own ceremonial drums. We will be making one-sided hand/frame drums, using wooden frames made of maple and hides of elk, buffalo, horse, moose or deer, and sinew. If time permits, we will also be creating beaters for our drums out of various woods you bring to our gathering. Leather and sinew will be provided.

The creation of the drum is a prayer and a ceremony in itself. We will work with our drums as a visioning meditation for our lives and our paths, so that our thoughts and intentions remain in a high vibration as we create the drums, and though that process become part of the drums. During that time we will share and listen to sacred songs from different Native traditions. Making your own personal drum is a sacred journey and the power of making something like this with your own hands is incredible, it becomes an extension of your own heart and mind.

We will be gathering on:
Sunday November 24th, in Grants Pass, OR
from 10am – 6pm,
at Sundance Healing Arts & Yoga Studio
Drum Making Ceremony Facilitated by Kasey Schweickert

* herbal teas and lunch will be served * potluck meals are highly encouraged*

During that time we will be creating your own personal hand drum, and if time allows a beater. Please bring a piece of wood that you would like to use for your drums beater. I always suggest something that feels good to grip, is light weight and no longer then 12”-15” and no shorter then 10”. Drift wood, Willow, Pine, Cedar, are all great examples.

**For this workshop I will be taking deposits for purchase of the materials and to hold your space. **

For this workshop we will have two sizes of drums to choose from. I chose these sizes, due to their overall sound resonance. If you plan to travel or use your drum in a sweat lodge the 12” is a bit more versatile. When considering hides, Buffalo and Moose are the thickest and best for sweat lodge, or if you live in a more “wet/moist,” environment. (This also includes living near or traveling frequently to the ocean.) I also recommend looking up information about the animal (hide) you are choosing, not only their sprit medicine, but their habits, environment, etc.. We are creating not only a drum, but a connection to the animal spirit world, and mother earth.

For this workshop we will have the option of the following size drums.
**Cost covers all materials for the drum, and the beater**
** Please bring a piece of wood for your drum beater**

12” Cost $190…. deposit $75

14” Cost $220…. deposit $75
Same Hides as above

18″ Cost $250… deposit $75

Same Hides as above

In order to register for this workshop, please send me a email letter of request answering the following questions:

What is your intention for joining and participating in this workshop?
Have you ever made a hand/frame drum before? If so what technique/style were you taught? Hide(s) used, and how long ago did you make it?
What size drum would you like to make?
What type of hide? *In-case upon order your first choice is not available what is your second? If this happens I will personally contact you*

Please send your email

REGISTRATION ENDLINE: Friday, November 13th!
I need adequate time to order and gather the supplies.


Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email with more details for the event.

Full Moon Woman’s Circle

With Ashton Marie Tafoya

Event: TBA

This workshop is designed to awaken the divine feminine within by embodying the qualities of goddesses such as Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, and Tara. Ashton will be guiding the group through active pranayama, mantra, yoga and meditation as we set intentions for the lunar Beltane under the full moon. Please come prepared for movement and an evening of heart opening and sisterhood.

** Energetic Exchange is $20 Early Bird by Pre-Registing here or $25 at the door**

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath with a Guided Meditation 

Facilitated By: Kasey Schweickert

First Saturday’s of Every Month 2 – 5 pm

Next Event: Saturday, December 7th

Everything is vibration. When something vibrates in its natural and healthy state, it is said to be in its resonance. When something is not vibrating in its natural resonance, it is said to be in a state of dis-ease. Sound vibration is a powerful tool to help re-calibrate the body, mind and spirit, and to bring it back into a state of resonance and health. When we use sound as a healing tool in meditation, it allows us to bring solution and resolution to old energetic and emotional blockages.
Ceremonial Cacao is known as the Sacred Medicine of the Heart by the Mayans. Cacao nourishes and heals us on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This sacred food helps us open our hearts fully, creating the space to move out of our mind and hear the profound wisdom of our heart.. When we cultivate and awaken our heart’s intelligence we become masters of what we attract and create.

We invite you to close your eyes, sip on some cacao, open your heart, relax and enjoy a vibrational sound massage with singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, flutes, rattles and more……

** you may wish to bring a yoga mat or pillow to sit on and or a blanket to wrap yourself in**
** this event is about 2.5 – 3 hours long**

** Cacao is optional**

** all ages are welcome**
** energetic exchange for this event is sliding scale of $15 – $25 **

** You can Pre-Register for the event here**

New Moon Yoga Nidra & Sound Immersion

Featuring A Guided Plant Meditation

Facilitated By: Kasey Schweickert & Alix Marmulstein

Next Event: Friday, October 25th 5:30 – 7pm

With the guidance of our plant teachers along with instruction & sound, we will enter the journey into deep conscious sleep through a relaxed and guided meditation. Yoga Nidra supported by a melodic soundscape will invite you to deepen in a profound way while remaining conscious, yet fully enveloped in your own inner journey in a sleep-like state of relaxation.
As we begin and set intentions for this time during the new moon, our minds  will expand with the activation of the pineal gland, rejuvenating our bodies and allowing for balance and bliss to be our state of being.
Join us for this wonderful new beginning, we look forward to sharing with you!

** you may wish to bring a yoga mat or pillow to sit on and or a blanket to wrap yourself in**
** this event is about 2 hours long**

** Herbal Teas, Elixirs, Tinctures and Flower Essences are all optional for the guided plant meditation**

** all ages are welcome**
** energetic exchange for this event is sliding scale of $20 – $40 **

**You can Pre-Register Here for this event**

Acupuncture & Sound Healing Community Clinic

With Kasey Schweickert & Sang Montage L.A.c.

Next Event: Friday, December 6th 1-3pm

Come join Kasey & Sang for an afternoon  of community-style acupuncture with healing vibrational sounds.  Community Acupuncture and Sound Healing will be held in a group setting.  Please wear loose, comfortable fitting clothing.  Bring a yoga mat or blanket to make yourself comfortable.  A water bottle is also recommended.  One may come for just the acupuncture or just the sound bath, or come experience both.

** Energetic Exchange is Sliding Scale of $30 – $50 **

**You can Pre-Register for the event Here**

Essential Oil Yoga Flow

With Emily Beltz

Next Workshop: TBD

Like yoga, essential oils and plant extracts have been utilized for thousands of years for the purpose of healing, cleansing and balancing the body, mind and emotions.

Combining the use of therapeutic grade essential oils with your practice, you may find yourself more physically, mentally, and emotionally available for your practice, both on & off the mat.

Feel empowered to create greater well-being for yourself in any situation. In this workshop, we will flow through an all levels hatha/vinyasa asana series while incorporating essential oils. Each practitioner will receive a set of 4 oils specifically designed to enhance their yoga practice. The blends will uplift the energy during challenging postures, calm the nervous system to allow the body to relax into poses, and enhance meditation. We will learn beneficial areas to place the oils on the body as well as enjoy aromatherapy.

This class is designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you, so you can have peace, inspiration and joy.

Space is limited and pre-registration is suggested.

Cost: $30 early Bird Registration By……… $40 after.

** Register Here **