Series & Workshops

Your Yoga – Principles of Alignment

With Shanti Chagnon

July 21st


In yoga, we are working towards alignment of the mind, body and breath to arrive fully in the present moment. But compromised physical alignment, where we force our bodies, can be counter-productive leading to over stretching some areas or reinforcing structural imbalances.

By working with the principles of alignment, we can work to stretch and strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system in a healthy balanced way, so we can feel comfortable in our own experience of each pose. This can look different for each person, so it’s helpful to look at what the basic principles of alignment are.   The following are what’s known as blueprint poses: Tadasana, Vrksasana, Virabhadrasana I & II, Trikonasana, Balasana, Adho Mukha Shavasana and Shavasana.

1. Begin by building each posture from the ground up:

2.  Support the bones with muscular action:

3. Elongate the spine:

4. Keep the neck an extension of the spine:

Keeping this in mind, move with awareness to find your own best alignment and always release with awareness to come out of each pose safely…. and breathe to connect with the sensation of what feels right for you.

Cost: $40

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Pelvic Floor

with Paula Horvath

July 28th


Too often women simply live with problems in the pelvic floor. Movement, breath and tension patterns can lead to a multitude of physical symptoms such as incontinence (the dreaded sneeze-pee), pain during sex, menstrual irregularities, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, prolapse, and more.

The good news is that pelvic wellness is available to you, and the pelvic floor can improve and often return to optimal function.  Join us to learn how to restore your relationship with your pelvic floor for optimal health and vitality.

  • Review factors that contribute to pelvic problems including physical and emotional stress, and trauma in the whole body
  • Practice using yoga, relaxation and breathing to bring awareness to the pelvic floor
  • Address core patterns in order to re-establish physical alignment in the pelvic bowl
  • Learn to stabilize the pelvis and strengthen and relax the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Review the basic anatomy of the pelvic skeleton and musculature
  • Connect with breath and return to presence in the body

This workshop is for women who suffer with pelvic problems who want to gain knowledge in a supportive environment.

Restore your pelvis and reframe your story and relationship with this part of the body.

Cost: $35

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Feelings & Chakra Balancing

with Denise Bales

Aug 18th
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

“Emotions are like ocean waves- they ebb and flow. They are powerful and provide momentum initiating action. Emotions have a negative and positive polarity. We need to be able to access both polarities of all our emotions to be fully alive. One of the most common defenses is to ignore, repress or stuff our negative emotions. When we ignore our emotions they are then stuffed in the body causing physical or emotional pain.”Carolyn L. Mein D.C.Through the use of essential oils and gentle movement, we will explore, examine and begin to release our “stuck” feelings.

*The workshop is intended for informational purposes only, not intended to treat, cure or diagnose. Consult your healthcare provider for health-related questions.

Cost: $35

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Introduction to Thai Massage:

with Maylani Maathai

Sept 28th – Sept 30th

9-5 pm

Thai bodywork is a therapeutic healing art that has been passed down for generations in SE Asia. It is best known for its beautiful yoga like stretches yet offers so much more. Thai bodywork is one of the 5 main branches of Traditional Thai Medicine and has a rich cultural history that is woven into every aspect of the practice.In this introductory course, we will:
– Explore the body through the lens of Traditional Thai Medicine
– Learn body mechanics and how to use our hands, feet, knees, and elbows to apply pressure
– Begin to delve into the layers of the body according to Thai anatomy & physiology
– Learn Thai bodywork techniques to create spaciousness and movement throughout the body
– Experience daily practices done by Thai healing arts practitioners
– Discuss the history and traditions that make this healing art

21 CEU hours for LMTs

Limited to 6 students

Taught by Maylani Maathai LMT 22621** This class will be taught on comfortable mats on the ground. It does require some level of mobility from the practitioner. If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact Maylani at

Cost:  $499 ($525 after Sept 1st. (Workbook included.)

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