Susan Morrison

     After many years of either ignoring or abusing her body, Susan found yoga and all the many benefits associated with the practice.  The first big change came when she realized that focusing on the breath could help to slow the busy, noisy mind.  Once the mind was more peaceful, the body followed.  Transformation was slow and the journey rich.

     Susan began her practice at Yoga House in South Pasadena, California. There she found several styles of yoga and was most drawn to the Hatha and Iyengar classes.  Her practice continued off and on for many years.  In 2011 Susan moved from Southern California to Southern Oregon, settling in Grants Pass.  In 2013, she completed her 200-hour certificate at the Shasta Yoga Center/Vajrapani Yoga Teacher Training led by Amy Cooper.  Since that time, she has been teaching at local studios and health clubs in the area. Wishing to continue her education and be helpful to the recovery population in our area, Susan studied with Nicki Myers and received her certificate to offer Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery) classes in December of 2016.

     Currently Susan is very interested in Gentle Yoga and is studying with a certified Viniyoga Yoga Therapist with a degree in Gerontology, BSc to deepen her understanding of how yoga can benefit people at all levels of physical ability.  Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginning students or anyone seeking relief from stress in a slow-paced relaxing practice. These classes are designed to increase flexibility and range of motion, calm the mind and strengthen the body. 

Susan is offering Gentle Yoga on Monday mornings at 9:30. Classes are 60 minutes.

Please wear comfortable clothing for all classes and bare feet are encouraged.

Susan wishes to bring the joy of yoga to all who are interested.