Massage with Alix


Alix has been practicing Intuitive Touch Massage for 12 years. This unique, connection-guided style support clients in their individualized and holistic healing journeys as they are guided to tune in deeply to their beingness, breathing into presence, and creating space within themselves for deeper and more sustained healing. Modalities included in this therapy are Reiki, Guided Breath work, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yogic Massage, as well as personalized stretching/strengthening recommendations. Alix uses only the highest quality lotions, oils, and creams to nourish the skin and tissues underneath. She is skilled in listening to the person and their body, providing relaxing and therapeutic touch. With the commitment to treating the whole person,– body, mind & spirit– Alix is a facilitator towards a full state of bliss within the being.

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