Thai Massage with Maylani


Maylani offers deeply therapeutic bodywork sessions for people looking to heal the effects of stress, chronic pain, injury, emotional holding or trauma, and develop body awareness. She is passionate about the art and science of medicine. She began her study of massage and bodywork in 2010 and continues to actively pursue an education in traditional medicine. Maylani has a background in Thai & Western massage styles (including Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy & Deep Tissue), Thai Medical Theory, Clinical Herbalism, Ayurveda & Yoga.

Maylani believes that true wellness begins by cultivating an awareness of your own body. She prioritizes client education and encourages people to take an active role in their health. Her sessions consider the body holistically and range from gentle relaxation massage to deep restructuring therapies. Sessions are always tailored to your current needs. Each session may include the use of warm thai herbal compresses and tools, herbal infused oils, balms and liniments to assist the body in healing.

Maylani teaches private and semi-private yoga classes here at Sundance as well as Thai Massage & partner stretching workshops all over the west coast.

Maylani considers the health of our community and environment to be inseparable from personal health. She teaches 2 weekly donation based yoga classes in Southern Oregon and donates a percentage of her profits each month to local community organizations.

You can learn more about Maylani and what she offers at

60 min

1 for $85

3 for $220

90 min

1 for $120

3 for $330

120 min (2 hours)

1 for $150

3 for $420

180 min (3 hours)

1 for $200

3 for $570

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